About the Advocacy Working Group

The companies growing avenue trees are extremely diverse. They range from professional organisations with international branches to family-run sole proprietorships. Nevertheless, there is a common denominator in the different lobbying needs: the TCO represents its members in various committees and departments and deepens the current collaborations with lobbying organisations such as Naktuinbouw (the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture), Anthos and LTO (the Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation).

The Advocacy Working Group is a continuation of de Kring Opheusden. The merger into the TCO has changed the method of representation. It requires a fresh style of lobbying, particularly in the area of policy and interests. The Advocacy Working Group identifies opportunities or restrictions with regard to policy from governments.

The working group creates business opportunities and space for the growers.
The central internal themes are of significance to every tree grower.