Tree Centre Opheusden growers are constantly in pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Measuring circumferences digitally

For centuries, the circumference of a trunk has been measured with a tape measure. We are currently developing a digital measuring instrument that will allow us to measure trunks even more quickly and more accurately. In future, we will be able to link these measurements to digital product and stock information.

Growing off the ground

The days when trees were only grown on open ground are long gone. Container cultivation has grown enormously in recent years. One innovative idea is growing in gutter systems, developed by one of the Tree Centre Opheusden growers. This involves the growing of saplings and planting material at working height. In addition, the root system becomes finer thanks to the ‘air pruning’: the trees and saplings are grown in a Spring Ring, airpots and slotted pots. Not only is this more labour-friendly, the grower is less dependent on seasons and weather conditions when planting and delivering. This means we can work more efficiently!

Integrated crop protection

This innovative form of crop protection is highly sustainable and ecologically responsible. The basic principle is that we use the natural enemies of harmful insects in plant protection. We only use crop protection agents where necessary.

Root pruning machine

During EXPO TCO 2013, MDE machinebouw BV introduced their “Root Pruning Machine” at the innovation square. This machine was developed in association with B&P Nurseries and Gebr. Verwoert of Opheusden and represents a major step in the mechanisation of avenue tree cultivation. Using pruning shears to cut the roots to size and shape is a thing of the past.

Anti-hail netting above avenue trees

Van Voorthuijsen nurseries in Randwijk has the first movable anti-hail netting in the Netherlands. It is also the first anti-hail netting to be used above ornamental and avenue trees.

Van Voorthuijsen specialises in grafting and cuttings for tree growers, which means that on a relatively small area of one and a half hectares, there are about 40,000 grafts and cuttings in growing gutters. A heavy hail storm could destroy everything in one fell swoop.

The aim is to prevent their plant material from being damaged by storms, heavy showers and hail.

The anti-hail netting, which is as strong as a tow rope, is made of finely woven plastic mesh that turns large raindrops into light drizzle and stops hailstones. This solar-powered netting system can open or close automatically within 10 minutes.